Troubles with your sale? 

Depending on whether you are buying or selling, the outcomes and solutions will vary slightly.  At the end of the day your real estate agent must be seasoned and not lose their composure when things get rough.


These are provisions that most people assume apply only to buyers and their deposit.  Normally, unless some have been waived, buyers and sellers have a set of protections built into the contract if using standard California Association of Realtor forms.  In the event of a misunderstanding, or a potential problem, it is critical that you review what your contingencies are, so you can maneuver your way into a solution.

Inspections and Reports 

These are items that buyers can—and should—order so that they have a better idea of what they’re buying.  Some are mandatory, such as an appraisal for a financed offer, or a pre-sale inspection required by your local government.  You may find minor to major issues, and you must address them in writing to find a solution.  Either repairs, or a credit in lieu of.  Beware of credits for repairs though as many lenders may require the work to be done instead prior to closing.  Make sure that your real estate agent has a lot of expertise with requests for repairs to that they can fight for you—either defensively as a seller, or offensively as a buyer.

Financing challenges 

Avoid them entirely by making sure that your loan officer is not giving you a simple pre-qualification letter.  You must ask for a fully underwritten approval, so that all you need is an escrow and appraisal.  This gives you the benefit of closing faster if it is an option, and removes the stress of uncertainty in regards to your financing.

Title Insurance issues 

If you are selling your home, request that your agent order a preliminary title report with a reputable title company so that IF there are any potential issues you get ahead of them.  You do not want the stress of surprises while in escrow because they can delay your closing, and in some cases, kill it entirely.  As a buyer you do not want to purchase a property without “clean title.”  It isn’t worth the risk!

These are just a few common challenges you may face while in escrow, but because no two houses are exactly the same—no two sets of issues will be identical either.